Thursday, March 29, 2012

John & Peter Canteen

I'm off to Sydney this weekend for a swanky 40th.   Before we head to the party, my hub and I are meeting friends for lunch at the John & Peter Canteen at Carriageworks.  Looks divine!  Can't wait.

Images via Vogue Living

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hats & Gloves 2012

My new business KITT is sponsoring Hats & Gloves 2012, a fundraising event for the Malkara Specialist School, held at Government House here in Canberra on Friday.  433 goodie bags ready to go!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Robert Plumb house

Have been keeping an eye of the progress of the new Robert Plumb house in Bondi for some time now.  And it hasn't disappointed.  What a lovely place to stay on an extended trip to Sydney.

 Is that not the coolest front door you've ever seen?

All images via Robert Plumb

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fuller Street, Deakin

I went to an open house today.  6 Fuller Street Deakin is up for auction in a few weeks time, and I couldn't resist the temptation to go and see this fabulous piece of modernist architecture.  The current owners have lovingly restored it, updating and modernising it under the guidance of the original architect who designed the house back in 1965, Dirk Bolt.

Front view
I love that the house sits so harmoniously with it's surroundings and that it is completely different from anything else nearby.  It entices you in from the street.  Don't you just want to know what is behind that fantastic wall?

Original House, designed by Dirk Bolt, 1965
This is the original house.  I love that nothing has changed much, just a coat of paint.

Front view

Looking across courtyard from main entry to master bedroom
A simple yet elegant courtyard with a slightly Japanese feel.  Immaculate, as it the rest of the house.  You can tell this house is loved.

Family room, looking back to entry and courtyard

Family room, looking from entry to back deck

Family room
This room is the only one in the house I can't see working too efficiently.  It's the first room you walk into upon entry, with two bedrooms running directly off it.  So if it's a playroom (for younger kids) or a separate space for teenagers to hang out, I hate to think what state it would greet visitors in the majority of the time!

I think this kitchen would look STUNNING with two Copper Pendants hanging over the bench.  OK.  So I may be slightly biased and/or obsessed!  But it's the first thing I would do.

Dining room
This whole open plan kitchen/dining/lounge room is an amazing space.  Perfectly proportioned.  With a whole bank of floor to ceiling windows/sliding doors along one wall.  Love.

Lounge room

Lounge room, looking back to dining/kitchen/deck
Study area
Technically the study is it's own room if you close those STUNNING sliding timber walls, closing it off from the lounge room behind and the master bedroom in front.

Those timber sliding walls.  OH THOSE TIMBER SLIDING WALLS!

Master Bedroom
Looks a tad boring in this image, but it has a lovely calm feel to it, with a full wall of glass sliding doors leading out to the deck overlooking the courtyard.

Gorgeous natural light coming in from strip windows above the mirrors, plus that lovely gentle under-lighting in the alcove.  Huge 450mm tiles on floor and walls.  Heavenly.

Deck overlooking back yard


Deck at night

Back yard

Main bathroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 1
Floor plan

One of Dirk Bolt's other Canberra houses, 1 Astley Place, GARRAN.   Oh how I wish I could see inside this beauty!

1 Astley Place, Garran

All images via AllHomes, except 1 Astley Place via Canberra House

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fashion lusting

Jen Hawkins looked stunning on The Project the other night.  I am in desperate lust over that neck piece!  I know the gorgeous cream jacket is Sass & Bide, and the neck piece looks like it could be part of their collection too.  WANT!

Update:  I spoke to the chick at Sass & Bide today when I very naughtily went into buy the black dress below (oops).  She said it is indeed a S&B neckpiece, available in April!

Speaking of Sass & Bide, I went and tried on The Common Thread dress today.  Arrgghh.....want it!  Is it wrong to wear black to your Mum's wedding?

It also comes in a stunning giraffe print, which I totally adore.  But I think it may be the wrong crowd for such a statement dress.  They may think I've escaped from Play School.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Follow Studio at home

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I have NO IDEA how people can be this disciplined when it comes to following a strict aesthetic in either the business they run or the homes they live in.  OK - so if it's your business, I understand that you can have a brand look and feel that you adhere to; that is one thing.  But to embrace it in a business capacity and then also practice the same sort of discipline at home?  Wow.  It's something I'm not sure I could ever do!  My tastes jump all over the place, one minute I want an all-white house, the next I'm colour blocking my lounge room.  

Jessie James of Follow Studio exists in a world entirely without colour.  Which is absolutely stunning!   I, however, think I may go a little insane at some point.....

Friday, March 2, 2012

A gem in the Goldfields

Gorgeous new residence in the Victorian Goldfield's town of Chewton.  By Design Office.

All images via Design Office