Friday, November 27, 2009

Finishing touches

The tiling is complete in our new kitchen! Excitingly, that means we can now move some furniture back in. It's been about two months since we had a table to sit at to eat. As I expected, the room is a little echoey with all those hard surfaces - so I'm actually having a re-think on the window furnishings. I was originally just going to run with the same discreet roller blinds we have throughout the rest of the house, keeping the emphasis on the huge windows and the connection with the outdoors. I've never been a huge curtain fan, but have recently seen some fantastic modern versions that really appeal, as per some of these images. I actually think they could look amazing in our room, and are very much in keeping with the modern retro feel I've been going for.
They would also help soften the room, and deal with the echo.

I've also been thinking about rugs. A runner, or something to sit under the table. I'll know what I need once I have the table etc. back in there. I love these polypropylene rugs by Pappelina, practical, eye-catching and stylish, they are available through Nordic Fusion in Australia.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cooks Hill Cottage

We travel up to Port Stephens and Newcastle regularly, as my husband's mother now resides in Nelson Bay. Such a beautiful part of the world! I have always had a soft spot for Newcastle, as my Dad was born there, and we traveled there at least a couple of times a year as kids to visit his rellies. Not only does Newcastle have a the most gorgeous climate and some of the country's best beaches, but having such an extensive history, it has the most beautiful architecture. I would be there in a flash if Des could feasibly work there. So many cute little cottages and impressive stone buildings. Much of it rather run down, but momentum is gaining and it is the hip new place to be for artists and designers who can't afford Sydney or just don't want to deal with the rat race that goes along with it. Anyway, I I just came across this beautiful little self contained cottage for rent right in the middle of town. Gorgeous! And so reasonably priced. If we have to stay in Newcastle for one reason or another, this is where I want to be.

All images Cooks Hill Cottage

David Met Nicole

I just received David Met Nicole's latest newsletter in my inbox, and every time, I feel so inspired. While I've never actually set foot in the shop before (it's in Sydney, I'm in Canberra), it has to be my favourite. I could happily receive anything from this shop as a present and be blissfully happy. How about this vintage desk calendar, above.

Or some vintage numbers for my letterbox and house number?

I would kill for one of these vintage first aid cabinets in the laundry!

If only I had somewhere to put a vintage clock in my new kitchen...

Love these pouffs!

Sigh. Next time we go to Sydney. Next time.

All images via David Met Nicole.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mitchell House

This amazing mid-century home is for sale. Only $US1.3 million, which is a bargain I think!

This architecturally significant home THE MITCHELL RESIDENCE was designed in 1956 by one of Philadelphia's 20th century architects to achieve world recognition. Ehrman B. Mitchell (1925-2005),co-founding partner of Mitchell/Giurgola, designed and built this home as his personal residence. This is the first time it has ever been on the market. Ownership within the family has maintained the outstanding, original design features, unaltered and in pristine condition.

Via Plastolux and Mid-Century Masterpiece

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Garden goodies

I've been thinking a lot about our outdoor areas lately. Everything needs a total overhaul! It's diabolical! About the only decent thing we have done is attached one piece of artwork to the exterior wall just near our front entrance. It's the same as the very last image here, the tree, supported by two beautifully greying old railway sleepers. Entanglements do some very interesting pieces, I like their letterboxes, pot holes and trellis. Just some inspiration for the future.