Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doll Houses

I am keen to buy my nearly three-year-old daughter Isobel a doll house for Christmas. She adores playing with them whenever we stumble across one at a friend's place and she is at an age where imaginative play is really setting in. Of course, I really want to get her something fantastic. And modern. And gorgeous. Surely you can never start to develop their aesthetic sensibilities too young??

Having said all that, can you believe these images are actually of a dollhouse? Well, a miniature house. There's really not a whole lot to play with here! And no dolls. They would make it all messy and stuff.

The Sirch Villa is made in Germany and retails for $845 (plus postage) via Top3 By Design.

My next two choices are probably the Smaland or Stockholm houses by Lundby (below). Whilst more practical (and fun!) than the above, they are still rather intricate and maybe not so great for clumsy little 3 year old fingers. It will also take a while to build up all the furniture and fittings, as they are sold separately and they are not cheap. One of these could be good as she gets older and she can look forward to furnishing it as she grows.

The Stockholm House with pool by Lundby, $199 (house only).
Smaland by Lundby, $169 (house only)

Hmmm, will have to think about it some more and see if there is anything else I like out there. My quest to be super organised this Christmas has begun in earnest!

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