Friday, November 27, 2009

Finishing touches

The tiling is complete in our new kitchen! Excitingly, that means we can now move some furniture back in. It's been about two months since we had a table to sit at to eat. As I expected, the room is a little echoey with all those hard surfaces - so I'm actually having a re-think on the window furnishings. I was originally just going to run with the same discreet roller blinds we have throughout the rest of the house, keeping the emphasis on the huge windows and the connection with the outdoors. I've never been a huge curtain fan, but have recently seen some fantastic modern versions that really appeal, as per some of these images. I actually think they could look amazing in our room, and are very much in keeping with the modern retro feel I've been going for.
They would also help soften the room, and deal with the echo.

I've also been thinking about rugs. A runner, or something to sit under the table. I'll know what I need once I have the table etc. back in there. I love these polypropylene rugs by Pappelina, practical, eye-catching and stylish, they are available through Nordic Fusion in Australia.

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  1. But the Pappelina carpets quality is really bad. I bought a Pappelina carpet 3-4 months ago, and I have not used it so much because it is in my guestroom. And now are there many places in carpet sewing who is broken down.