Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Share, Dulux Colour Forecasting

Love this image from the Dulux Colour Forecast.  I am completely crazy about grey!  This is 'SHARE', one of the colour stories - to read more about it and see the other selections, click here.

With a new generation embracing digital technology, Share invokes the idea of a world drawn together, with people sharing and soaking up information daily via social media, stimulated and inspired constantly by technology.
Share provides a break from this stimulation with a monochromatic palette allowing digital pattern, positive and negative space, tonal shadows and texture to create the mood. Colours are inspired by natural stone and metals transformed with technology.

PS - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Sorry it's been so quiet around here, it's only a week now until we move to Singapore.  I am so excited for 2013 and all the wonderful adventures it holds.  I hope it brings you everything you desire too.   Barb. x