Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am starting to think about moving Isobel into a bigger bed and a bigger bedroom. She is still in a cot, and while I love that she can't escape, I guess I'll have to release her from her prison eventually. If you're going to buy a new bed, why not make it a lovely one? How about this Oeuf toddler bed, available from The Kido Store?

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  1. I went fantasy with my son -- found a Brit Mummy Expedition/Sherlock Holmesish suite, and for my daughter I found a 90-year old fruit&veg iron/brass bed that worked out with a mix of repurposed brass pipes and reclaimed doors into a steampunkish lair. It's been nearly ten & eight years -- and both absolutely refuse any changes. My son says he's keeping everything when he moves out, so I can quit asking; my daughter laughs at her friends pinkly 'appropriate' rooms. I'm hoping my daughter's decorating genes will cut in someday, and we can redo in modern goth or willowy forest glade -- ANYTHING!

    The thing is, kids don't bond to plastic or smooth beech veneer. They absolutely don't invite their newest friends over to see how cool their rooms are. Slick modern designs are great for adults -- I've gone that direction in the big bedroom -- but they don't offer children enough to think about or to touch.

    I really recommend a 'stronger' approach to furnishings with children.