Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Progress in the front garden

We started work in the front part of the garden this weekend.  Here are some scary before shots, followed by some that show our progress.  Still a ways to go! 

Let's take a moment to admire the current external colour scheme of poo brown bricks with terracotta and green trim.  Noice.

See what I mean about it looking a bit like the surface of Mars? We partially cleared this area a while back, but then got pre-occupied with things inside the house.

Due to the severe ongoing drought and a major case of neglect on our behalf, most of the garden is struggling to survive.  Hence, we are embarking on a complete overhaul to simply things and introduce hardier, lower maintenance plants and trees.

Once cleared, the weed mat goes down. 


Mid-gravel installation! Love a good action shot.


Isobel helps out

Turns out shoveling gravel is rather noisy

This is where the path will be laid

New planters

New plants - Evergreen Giant. Should grow to around 60cm tall.

New trees - Chinese Pistachios

Two pavers laid, about 15 million to go.  Who would have thought the Wiggles 'Big Red Car could come in handy for shoveling dirt?

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