Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finishing touches

Isobel is three years old now, and yes - in April, she finally moved into her big girl's bed.  I know, I know - that seems crazy late, but she seriously liked her cot.  And anything a child can't get out of can only be a good thing.   Anyhoo, she is now loving her beautiful new bed.  And I am too.  So pretty!  God bless Ebay.

Now the bed is in, there are a few changes to make to her room.  This is how her room looks at present, with everything just sort of crammed in with the new bed:

 Apologies for the dodgy photos, it was late afternoon when I decided to take them. 

This unit had a removable padded top (in the same fabric as the covered baskets) that served as a change table.  I still like it, but it's just too big for the room now the bed is in, and as you can see in the photos below, it won't work once the wardrobe doors are painted and put back on. 

OK.  So I removed the doors to paint them about two years ago now.  Laziness!  It's been too easy to just reach over and grab what I needed without the hassle of opening doors.  But the doors are well overdue to go back on.  I'll move this piece of furniture out, but keep the baskets in the shelves of the wardrobe as they fit nicely and keep things organised.

This is the other side of the room. I still like the bird/tree mural, but it might be time for a change over the next 12 months or so.  The fairy lights were a spontaneous purchase and have stayed where they were haphazardly thrown about two weeks ago.  They give off such a lovely, soft light.

So now there are a couple of things I have been looking for to update the room.

1) A bedside table.  Don't know exactly what I'm after yet.  I'll know it when I see it.

2) New handles for the wardrobe doors.  I like these ceramic ones by Anne Black:

3) A book display shelf for the wall at the foot of the bed.   I like the one below, but haven't found anything like it, and neither myself or the hub are handy enough to be bothered making one that wouldn't look like a dog's breakfast.

Then I came across this one this morning in my travels.  It's only $85.00 and I could paint it white.  I have some lovely vintage books I'd like to display:

I'd also like to make a quilt (of sorts) and some cushions for the bed.  In the meantime, the current bedding is simple and totally rocks.  It's by the same company that make Grobags, and the duvet and pillow are attached to the fitted sheet (the duvet zips on, a bit like a sleeping bag).  Impossible for little monkey's to fall out or lose the duvet in the middle of the night. Genius!  So anything I make will purely be for decorative purposes to go over the top.  They are available through Bambini Pronto and worth every penny.

Oh, and I also bought a vintage story book tile from Lisa at The Red Thread at the Handmade Market on the weekend.  It looks something like this one but is a softer green, and will look really sweet in Isobel's room. 

Isobel helping her Daddy to assemble her new Big Girl's Bed


  1. Just came across your blog looking for kitchen wallpaper inspiration (trifid!) and now I'm really freaking out all the similarities in stuff I like / have. (Congrats - later spotted it in Real Living!)You are me but WAY cooler!! My daughter is 3 and I am currently deliberating about what to put next to her big girls bed now the converted changetable drawers has gone to my sister. And was contemplating a book display. What have you decided? Would love to send you a list of all the other things too - but not sure how to send you a message? Dont want to ramble on here.... Thanks for compiling a file of all the things I like!! Cheers Jo

  2. Hi Jo, how lovely to hear from a like minded soul! Funny that you have just commented on Isobel's room as I have just returned from a holiday with some lovely new things that I am going to blog about.

    And I had no idea about my kitchen being in Real Living! When I read your comment, I found my as-yet-unopened copy, still wrapped in plastic and had a look. How funny!

    Love to hear from you. You can email me at desandbarb@gmail.com