Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am planning a re-do of our bomb-site study.  Loads and loads of storage is required, so I no longer have an excuse to stand at the door, throw and run.   I'm toying with the idea of a dark, statement wallpaper with a few floating shelves as a bit of a 'Hey! Look at me!' as you walk through our front door (it's the first room you walk past).   Is that loopy?  Will I want to put rocks in my pockets and throw myself into the nearest river when I wake up the next morning and wonder what I've done?

Check out this from Skona Hem.  It's from the same house as my dream kitchen inspiration.  Not sure if dragon wallpaper (this one is by Osborne and Little) is a bit to asian-y for me....but I do like the feel.  And the timber shelving.

 How about some cockatoos by Catherine Martin?

Or something more subtle, like Woods by Cole and Sons?

Shown here with white floating shelves, a la our study.

I also like Bindweed by Ferm Living.  Currently on sale for $80 per roll! Tempting.

 I am also contemplating something a little different on the lighting front.  Maybe the St Paul Belle Light by Lightly?

A cluster of globe lights from Koskela? (apologies for dodgy image)

The Criss Cross by Bernabeifreeman?  In white.  Or yellow?

Or a Nelson Bubble wall lamp from Spence and Lyda.

Ooooh la la.  So many decisions.  So much fun!

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