Saturday, December 4, 2010

Le Pixel

We have the doors.  We don't yet have the deck.  However we have cleared the outdoor space so that it's much more inviting and somewhere we actually want to hang out.   We'll be needing a little bit of shade over the coming summer (that's if it actually stops raining and gets hot), and I quite like the idea of a feature umbrella to add a splash of graphic colour.   These pixelated umbrellas by Basil Bangs are quite cool...

Or.....a good dose of '60's black and white with this little Oeke number:

Maybe I'll put them on my Christmas wishlist, and we'll see what Santa brings....


  1. Hi Barbara

    Love your blog. I am a huge fan. Thought I'd let you know Lucy at the Design Files is having a giveaway of these umbrellas today (Mon 13th dec). You may want to enter if you haven't already !!!!!


  2. Thanks Bianca! I actually just saw the competition on The Design Files and have just entered. And thanks so much for your kind words.