Monday, March 7, 2011

Groovy bulbs

Finally!  The first designer low energy light bulb!  

Being a lighting freak, I loathe those hideous new bulbs we've been forced to take up (well, unless of course, like me,  you gathered all available world stocks of incandescents, before they were removed from the shelves....naughty!).   Wonder when are these babies going to be available in Australia?

The Plumen 001 is another of the new breed of energy-saving light bulbs, but what marks it apart from most is the design principles applied to the glass tubing. The product name is a play on words, derived from the word ‘plume’, the show feathers of birds, and Lumen, the light measurement unit.
The globe has been three years in development, and has been on sale since October 2010. At present is is only available with an Edison Screw (E27) fitting, but a Bayonet Cap version will go on sale in 2011. It is also currently only made for countries with a voltage system of 230v, a 110V version, for North America and parts of South America, will also be available in 2011.
There are 5 different designs of the Plumen 001. The designs are different, but the specs remain the same. Manufacturers Hulger claim the globe will last 8 times longer than an incandescent bulb, and the colour output is warm white.
The Plumen 001 sells for £19.95.

All images via Plumen

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