Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bathrooms. Again.

Ok, so it may be time for us to think about renovating our main bathroom and ensuite soon.  We've been living with the same daggy 70's fitouts for the past six years (where does the time go??), and I'm seriously in hate with both of them. 

Our reno's will definitely be on a budget, I want each room to look the best it can for the least amount possible.   Looking at these pics from Chez Larsson reminded me how much I love simple white subway tiles.  Definitely with the beveled edge. No doubt not as cheap as the flat version, but surely still at the lower end of the budget.

Here's the before pic.  A simple but stunning transformation:

All images via Chez Larsson


  1. a classic, and beautiful all in white.

  2. yesss... I'm also pondering a bathroom and ensuite re-deaux... too many other things on to think about it yet! Next week... it's game on. xxx