Saturday, August 22, 2009


O&L Trifid wallpaper.
Pretty full on when used in this volume and colourway, but still completely divine.

Excitement! I found the wallpaper used in my favourite kitchen pic! It's an Osborne & Little Vintage pattern called Trifid. I am seriously considering it for our kitchen splash back. Is it going too far out on a limb? I want my kitchen to be different and to have a real talking point - so maybe this is it? I guess people with either love it or hate it. I LOVE IT.

I haven't worked out the costings as yet, but it would be around $350 a roll for the paper, plus the cost of the actual glass splash back itself. It would have to be starfire glass (ie. glass with no green tinge). This equals more expensive. But it's worth investigating.

I have a meeting with Jen, my wonderful friend who is managing the build on Monday morning. To finalise details. Eeek. That means I have to make final decisions! We have the renovation booked in for 21 September. Yikes - only a month away. We purchased all our appliances today. Am SO EXCITED this is all becoming a reality, it feels like it's been in the planning forever.

This is the actual colourway. Gorgeous.

Just had to include it, one more time for good luck.