Friday, August 28, 2009

Splash back

Ventaglio Fan by Academy Tiles

I'm still stuck on my splash back. I seem to be going round and round in circles. Originally, I wanted plain white subway tiles....however it is becoming rather clear to me that Canberra is a complete backwater when it comes to anything remotely stylish tile-wise. I traipse around the tile shops (with a two year old in tow, remember) and all I see is plain, boring and UGLY.

I haven't given up, however. Although there is a rather large restriction at play here. Budget. What a dirty little word.

After much investigation, wallpaper behind glass is not going to cut it.
A) Due to safety standards, there would have to be a gap between the wallpaper and the actual glass behind the gas cook top. This just won't work.
B) Even if I could place them directly in contact, there is potential for a mould/mildew issue as the wallpaper can't breathe and it can get a little steamy behind that glass. So to cut a long story short. NO GO.
So disappointed!

There is another avenue available to me. Many people have plain old colour-backed glass as their splash back, and I am investigating a variation on that. I could have the back of the glass painted in a stencil like fashion. I don't think this will work with the Osborne & Little wallpaper I had originally chosen as the pattern may be too intricate. However, I am considering this Florence Broadhurst classic - Circles & Squares, painted in similar colours to the warm honey tones of the O&L I like. Keeping in mind I haven't had this costed by the glass company yet. That's next week's hurdle.

Circles & Squares by Florence Broadhurst
Signature Prints

In the meantime, I am despo for more splash back inspiration. As you may be able to see from these images I've collected, I seem to have a thing for the retro mosaic tiling look.....

Extra Light by Di Lorenzo

Circles by Di Lorenzo

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