Thursday, April 8, 2010

The church on the hill

For Easter, we headed up to Nelson Bay to spend a few days with my husband's rellies.  We go there often, even though it's a five hour car ride away from sunny downtown Canberra.   For years I've had my eye on this lovely old church on the hill looking out over the marina.  I pass it nearly every day on my early morning run and I've had many a day dream about how fantastic it could be.  Until recently, it was practically in a state of disrepair.  My mother-in-law actually looked into purchasing it a while back, with plans to renovate and turn it into accommodation, however it was not zoned to be any sort of a business, only a residential dwelling and I think it all got a bit too hard.  Someone has obviously decided to give it a new lease on life however, as it now sports a fresh white coat of paint and new red roof.  Hmmmm, it was sort of cuter when it was looking tired.   I would have gone with a charcoal roof and windows, and possibly a softer shade of white.   Still - time will tell what the new owner's are planning.   I'll definitely be keeping an eye out.....and continuing to day dream.

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