Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time to eat cake!

The latest issue of Real Living (one of my favourite mags) has this most divine looking chocolate fudge cake recipe inside - complete with the tag line 'One part brownie, one part fudge. Two parts delicious!'   Oh my.  I actually want to crawl into this picture and start devouring.  Now...... it's my birthday next week.  I'm still doing my 12 Week Body Transformation, but dang it - I have been SOOOOOOO good for 9 weeks now.  Surely it wouldn't be wrong to make myself a little treat on my birthday?

Or should I be making the Chocolate and Walnut cake featured on The Biggest Loser Masterclass a few weeks ago, at only 260 calories per slice?

OH CRAP.  Michelle Bridges would beat me over the head if she could see this post.  The Choc Walnut Orange Cake it will be. 


  1. Happy birthday! Exercise tomorrow. Cheers to you.xx

  2. Thank you! I am definitely going to eat cake. And then hit the gym after :)

  3. eat cake!! nothing wrong with a good sugar rush!! happy birthday!!