Monday, April 30, 2012

Grand Designs Australia - Kyneton

Last week's episode of Grand Designs Australia was so inspiring.  It was the story of the most wonderful, young-at-heart couple, who had purchased an unusual block of land in Kyneton, Victoria (somewhere I've always wanted to visit after reading about so many creative people that live there), where they decided to build a flat-pack modernist home.   Not only do I admire them for being so contemporary, but I adore the look of their new house and the finished product is just amazing.

"Kyneton, a country town in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, is known for historic architecture and bustling farmers markets. It’s the perfect place for foodies Rod Moore and Di Foggo – who are embarking on a huge life change. They’re farewelling a classic Victorian home with traditional furnishings and building a brand new, cutting edge flat pack house on a rugged escarpment overlooking the racecourse. Di is a keen gardener and wants to create a lofty paradise with a wide, rolling view. They’ve been burnt before with budgets spiralling out of control and schedules doubling, so they have chosen a high end, quality flat pack home knowing there’s a fixed price and a speedy schedule. Trouble is, the land isn’t complying and from almost day one generates unexpected problems. Seems even the most regulated grand designs are at nature’s mercy"

All images via Grand Designs Australia

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  1. Just watched grand designs in stratford upon avon and saw the beautiful house at kyneton being assembled,fantastic would like to do myself but land in warwickshire is a arm and leg.DK-S.O.A.