Friday, June 22, 2012

Velvety goodness

I clearly have a thing for cosy looking beds at the moment.  Probably because the mercury is hovering somewhere between -5 and 10 degrees each day at the moment. Boooo! Over winter already.

This is a new release of velvet bedding by Castle & Things.  Can only imagine how cosy it is!

It's a velvet explosion!  Our new quilt covers (yes you put your big puffy doona inside) are heaven.  They are the warmest, softest, snuggliest, closest thing to a hug.  In yellow or split panel yellow/blue and yellow/watermelon they go back with all the cotton sheets and are completely machine and tumble dry friendly.   Just try getting out of bed, it won't be easy!
ps. the new paintings are part of a show at Koskela in Sydney from mid-July onwards.


 Images via Castle & Things

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