Monday, March 30, 2009

The Garden

Jack Merlo Design

The people who lived in our house before us were retired gardeners. Our property was pretty much full of trees, plants and sprouting bulbs when we moved in. I wouldn't say that it was my type of garden per se, but I could appreciate the hard work they had put in. Luckily they moved to Far North QLD.

Canberra, and most of Australia, is in the grip of the most horrific drought of all time......and while I can use this as a large part of my excuse for the current state of the garden, the rest just comes down to laziness on top of a complete lack of time. I am wondering how people do find the time to keep their gardens looking ship shape? Do they forgo the essentials of eating, washing and vacuuming, with the insides of their homes looking like the some war zone?

Anyhow, I am keen to re-do our garden in a much more family friendly, drought-tolerant and design-savvy way. I have been collecting images that speak to me and am starting to gather ideas for our little space. Here are just a few to get things rolling:

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