Sunday, March 29, 2009

House numbers

We have the ugliest letterbox known to mankind. I think it's actually an old metal toolbox flipped on it's side and wedged between three pieces of timber. Of course it's been lovingly painted terracotta and heritage green by the previous owners (the same delightful colours as the rest of the trim on our house), but there ain't no disguising it's brutality.

Along with the letterbox comes the standard issue cheap-arse stick-on metal number thingy. I cannot wait to demolish this eyesore. I've lived with it for nearly four years, but haven't done anything about it as a) it's functional, and b) I don't really have a cohesive plan for the garden yet, and my analness makes me want to help it blend in when the time is right. I have a thing about numbers though. It's one of the first things anyone sees when they come looking for your place. It's got to be right, and so here are a couple that I'm loving:

from Home Beautiful July 2007

I love all these numbers, particularly the colours in the last image (our house will eventually be a dark charcoal colour and a bright red number just looks so fab). My only concern is that our house is number 8, so whatever we end up doing, it can't lose it's punch by only having one digit. A big red number 8 would look awesome. We could always spell the word 'eight', but that is just too overdone these days. Hmmmm.

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