Monday, June 15, 2009

Uniform Studio

I'm not quite sure how, but I stumbled across the Flickr photos of Uniform Studio. LOVE. These guys live in Minneapolis, USA. Martha is an architect who now teaches at University, as well as being a clothing designer/maker. Her aesthetic is really strong - solid and clean with simple lines. This translates to both her home as well as her clothing. I love the colour palette of her home, as well as the light and the sense of space. She has two young children, but it seems she is very disciplined about maintaining order and having a home for everything. You can read more about her ideals and her home here. So inspiring.

I just love the built in unit above. This could be an alternative to the plain white floating credenza I was visualising for our family room. It has a lot more personality than just stark white doors.

This colour palette is to die for. The texture of the felted grey runner, the metallic bud vase and the yellow tray. Divine. Pared back simplicity.

Great area for the kids. This actually gives me some ideas for Isobel's playroom. Hadn't really thought about utilising the walls in that manner.

What a fantastic kids room. Playful, yet stylish. The colours, once again - awesome.

Could these pillows be a more perfect mix of colour and simplicity? I think not. Everything here just works so well together. LOVE IT.

Once again, great way of utilising the walls. And I love the idea of displaying special books in a display like manner.

Loving this 'Live What You Love' poster. Available on Etsy, I think I may have to get one.

Uniform Studio has a blog, a shop, and some very inspiring flickr photos.

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