Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Wishlist......Great Dane

I have a severe case of wanting for something from Great Dane for Christmas.   Swoon....

Vedel Bird - Chubby


Float light by Benjamin Hubert

Verner Panton FlowerPot Light
Finn Juhl Poeten sofa
Boo Carafe


  1. hi Barbara, i posted your fabric today, hope you love it and i'm interested to know what you have planned?

    i'll grab the flowerpot light please!!

  2. Hi Mel! I just fell in love with your two new colours - thanks so much for posting them. Not 100% sure of what I am making yet, but I'm on a roll with my sewing at the moment (getting a start on Xmas pressies), so will send you through some pics when I'm done. x