Friday, November 12, 2010

Stella Cove

Stella Cove creates beach wear for girls and the women who love them.  I love them!  And whilst I might not be ready to don one of those teensy teeny weeny little bikinis myself, I'm loving the little girls stuff.

Wings Kaftan
Grey Embroidered Dress
Blue Embroidered Dress
Pollen cover up

Lady Madonna

Madame B.

Pollen Midnight


Ruby Red

Stella Cove is a US site that are happy to ship internationally.  With the Aussie dollar so strong, I say let's shop up!

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  1. Liv has Stella Cove swimmers...they're just gorgeous - we got them from Design Child at the start of the year. I have my eye on the "Ruby Red" maillot for her this summer - maybe a Christmas pressie?

    They come beautifully presented in their own branded Stella Cove cotton drawstring bag, which makes me love them even more!