Saturday, October 9, 2010

The great outdoors

Excitingly, it's only about two or three weeks until we get our brand spanking new bi-fold doors installed in the kitchen.   It will totally change the way we live.   The entire corner of the room will now be opened up onto a (yet to be built) deck.   I cannot wait!  The weather is warming up and when the sun is shining, the only place I want to be is outdoors.  I am dreaming of being able to lounge around outside on the deck, reading design mags and sipping on a cool glass of my favourite sav blanc.

Naturally, my thoughts are turning to exactly what I will be reclining in.  Something cool, something retro, something comfy.   

The Acapulco Chair is right up there.  But at $484 a pop (and I'll be needing two), I'm not sure it's still sitting at the top of my practicality list.
Acapulco Chair

I do adore the classic Butterfly chair.   Similar to the Acapulco, at $545 each, I'm sucking in a bit of air through my teeth.  Don't think the budget will stretch that much when we still have to pay for the doors, the deck and blinds for all the windows....   blah.  And I think you'd take your life in your hands going for a cheap-rip-off version of this one.  
Butterfly chair
How about the Hoop chair?  Love it, but maybe not so comfy for lounging? 

Hoop Chair

OK.  This is a cracker.  The Slip-In sun lounger by Lettini.   Cheap ($179!).  Cheerful.  Great lines.  Could be the go until I can afford to get ritzy. 
Slip-In sunlounger

This is Jamie Durie's version of the Adirondeck by Patio for Big W.   I like these, but maybe at a coastal or country house. $198 = good price.

Adironback by Jamie Durie

Love the shape and texture of the Hulto by IKEA.  It's made of rattan, but not technically for the outdoors.   Good price at $129 each, but they'd wear pretty quickly during our harsh summer.



  1. I have a thing for chairs lately. I posted a pic of the Alaska Chair in my latest design inspired blog --> MANIC in The City definitely not an outdoorsy type but a real statement nonetheless. Hope you'll stop by, I'm looking forward to finding more ideas here! Thanks :)

  2. You sound like me 2 months ago! We have just had our bi fold doors fitted and I looked at most of those chairs longingly before deciding I couldn't afford any of them (and the summer is over in the UK anyway). A nice little shopping list for next year - need to save some pennies.

  3. Hi Barbara, Love your blog. Have you seen that The Design Files has just posted a competition to win two Acalpulcos! Sound like divine intervention ...

  4. Oh Tina, it's fate! I have just entered and have my fingers crossed I win.

    And thank you for your lovely comment.