Wednesday, April 15, 2009

L-O-N-G weekend

We are home again after a deliciously long Easter weekend away. We managed to wangle a day either side of the public holidays so that we could travel up to Nelson Bay and back (about a 6 hour drive) and still have plenty of time to relax, plus miss all the traffic. Des's mother has a holiday house high up on the hill, overlooking the Bay. She spends part of the year there while she visits her father (Des's grandfather) where he resides in an aged-care home. The remainder of her time is split between Norfolk Island and Melbourne. Obviously it's not surprising that I really enjoy visiting each of these places when she is around!

We had such a relaxing time. Unfortunately I picked up a stomach bug a couple of days in, but thankfully it didn't wipe me out completely, it just made sure I didn't indulge in too much Easter chocolate.....and unfortunately, it meant we had to cancel our lovely anniversary dinner at Zest.

On the way home on Tuesday, we did a quick fly-by of IKEA in Sydney. There wasn't much room in the car with all our luggage, but I snavelled a few goodies and eyed off many more for next time. Here is a quick peek at part of the haul:

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  1. woo hooo gotta love Ikea ! I hope to get out there this week.