Sunday, April 19, 2009

Winter is coming

I've been a bit naughty today. Temperatures have plummeted in the past couple of weeks - a strong reminder that Canberra's very long and cold winter is on it's way. So I've been getting winter-ready and purchasing some of the basics. I snuck out to Country Road this afternoon after Isobel went down for her afternoon nap and spent a little bit more than I should have. They did have a great deal on for card holders though. Spend $150 and get $50 off, or spend $300 and get $100 off. OK, so I was aiming for $150, but accidentally ended up spending around $ hello - a whole hundred bucks off! Hooray. One of my splurges was this beautiful pair of arm warmers above. Yummy yummy and so cosy. I'm ready for winter now....bring it on! Oh, although I may need a new coat and maybe a new pair of boots.....

image courtesy of Country Road

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