Thursday, April 16, 2009

O'Connor House

I adore this house. My husband Des and I lived in Turner prior to buying our house in Weston Creek. Walking and running around that suburb and neighbouring O'Connor used to give me such inspiration. Beautiful old brick cottages and timber weatherboard houses carried all the way in from Tocumwal. It was in a quiet little loop street at the very top of O'Connor where I spotted this beauty. I don't know what it is about it. It just speaks to me. Maybe because it was just a standard looking house that has been modernised so simply. I love the charcoal colour of the bricks, the grey masonry wall, the simplicity of the grass, rocks, bushes and maples. But most of all, the intriguing angle of the entry way, reflected in the small wall built to house the letterbox (sadly, not in this shot). There is a park directly across the road from this house, and I love to visit with Isobel - she swings and climbs and explores, and I just gaze adoringly at the house and daydream. One day I will knock on the door and ask them what colour they used to paint the rendered bricks. It's exactly what I have in mind for our house, and seeing this one has captivated me so, maybe it's the exact colour I should use!

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